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You can also fill out the form provided to contact me (at the very bottom of this material). Or send me a private message and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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Form to order advertising on the site is an independent news, analytical, educational and information website from and about Uzbekistan mostly in Russian, created by the journalist Marina Kozlova.

The site has been operating since January 2018, talking about the most important news from Uzbekistan and partly the world, politics, economy, healthcare, ecology, education, travel and food, including recipes for dishes prepared by Marina, reviews of cafes and restaurants. The site also provides lessons of Uzbek and English. Some articles and lessons have already been read by hundreds of thousands of people.

There are more than 2850 pages of the website in Google search. The subject of accepted articles is almost any. The yearly audience of the website Yep.Uz is about 500,000 unique visitors (half a million)!

However, the most important thing is that people trust the information posted on

The subject of accepted articles is almost any.

Important: NOT ALL articles from Russia and Belarus are accepted today. Articles advertising betting, gambling, financial pyramids, or prohibited products are NOT accepted either. In any case, I carefully study the text and links in it before publishing.

My biography includes 30 years of work as a writer for The Associated Press, United Press International, EurasiaNet, World Politics Review, Transitions Online, Asia Water Wire, Interfax, Prime-TASS and many other well-known world media. More information about the site and Marina can be found here.

How can I help you?

  1. I can publish your PR (advertorial, or paid) materials (sponsored posts), for example, press releases, articles, news, links, videos (I can send you links to those already published on the website);
  2. prepare PR materials using materials sent by you or available on the Internet or, at your request, come to your event and write a piece of news, a report or an article about it (I can send you samples);
  3. take and prepare an interview with you or persons specified by you (samples — an interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitro Kuleba (read one of the materials in a series here), interviews with the ambassadors of Ukraine and Slovakia (here and here);
  4. prepare and post a quiz about a company, country (if we are talking, for example, about a travel company, etc.); a sample here is a two-week quiz about Slovakia, information about its results here and here;
  5. travel, prepare and post on the website materials about travel to different countries if you cover the costs of such a trip (read samples on the website about trips to the USA, Norway, Czech Republic, etc.);
  6. prepare native advertising;
  7. write sentries with links (preparing the sentry by me is included in its price);
  8. place all this on my website;
  9. place your banners or videos on the site.

Note: If the material posted by me is also prepared by me, then the total cost includes the cost of preparation and placement (excluding sentries).

At the same time, I’m open to any proposals, including those not listed above.

PR materials (sponsored articles, press releases (news), videos, sentries, native advertising)

First of all, I recommend this type of advertising. PR articles (sponsored posts) or pieces of news are read well (with a lot of interest) and remain on the site forever (as long as it is alive).

The same applies to sentries, or guards — links to your resources in the article on my website with the specified anchor, surrounded by additional text which is connected with you or your company. You can always choose a well-visited and content-appropriate article already posted on the site, or wait a short time for the release of a new one, where you will post a sentry or advertising video.

Native advertising (usually a little more expensive) is not an ordinary affiliate article or news, but an article or interview on a topic that concerns readers with links from the advertiser at the end, where they readers can go for further clarification or for products that have sparked their interest (as an option).

Articles, news and sentries can be submitted ready-made by you or I can write them for you.

Prices of PR materials

It is possible to prepare and post longer articles, as well as other types and forms of PR materials (native advertising, competitions, surveys, etc.). Conditions and prices in this case are negotiated separately.

If you are a subscriber to the site on Patreon ( with the “Favorite Geek” («Любимый гик») level (at least three months), then you do not need to pay any money for taking, preparing and publishing an interview on the site with you or with the person you specified!

The cost of preparing an article by the site’s author does not include my travel outside of Tashkent and residence outside its borders (if the article cannot be prepared using the information provided or information easily found on the internet). Important: travel is possible, including abroad, but in this case all costs are covered by the party ordering the material(s).

The announcement of the article within a week, and the announcement of the press release for five days, will be on the main (home) page of the site, which will give additional coverage to the publication and increase the rate of clicks on links to your site. There is no additional charge for this. After this period, your articles and press releases will remain on the site forever. Materials are indexed by Google and Yandex.

It will take up to 24 hours for your article or press release to be posted after your request. Typically, this time also includes writing (preparing) material (after payment for such preparation — the exception is a sentry).

Links to advertising articles will be published on the pages of the site or its author in 6 social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram, VK, OK, Twitter) without extra payment.

Banner advertising will appear on all devices (mobile, desktop and tablet) on all pages of the site, including the home page.

Banner advertising prices

Hidden charges are not added to the prices in the table.

Remember that 1000 impressions are always 1000 impressions, regardless of the site and the place where the banner is located.

Banners of sizes proposed by the advertiser are allowed, as well as site branding (prices in this case are negotiated separately).

It is also possible to set the price by display time, based on the average number of impressions per day in the previous 7 or 30 days (depending on the length of the period for which the advertisement will be ordered, I will provide interested parties with access to detailed statistics, for example, from Google).

Payment is by bank card, through electronic wallets and other methods convenient for you, in almost any currency (using the rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan).

For all questions regarding advertising on the website, please contact me directly at the contacts listed above. Or fill out the form located at the bottom of this page.

Suggestions from advertising agents and agencies are welcomed.

Visitors to the website

The yearly audience of the independent website Yep.Uz is about 500,000 (half a million!) unique visitors. The number of views of the most popular posts is hundreds of thousands.

The number of visitors in one month

The website has more readers than a lot of media outlets and bloggers in Uzbekistan.

Cheats, administrative resources or purchased traffic are NOT used on the site. This makes my site (like other sites) positively different from Telegram channels.

Form to order advertising on the site

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