Uzbek lessons (tutorial): #3 Grammar, dialogues, with audio

Uzbek grammar
Uzbek grammar - men, sen, siz, man, san, siz

Today we will continue to study the grammar of the Uzbek language, namely the use of personal pronouns in written and spoken speech. We will build a lot of affirmative and negative sentences in Uzbek and questions. The lesson, like others, contains audio from Uzbek natives.

The lesson is based on my Uzbek language tutorial.

Easy sentences and dialogues in Uzbek

Exercise 1.

Listen and speak.

You need to say the short version. If you hear Men Marinaman, you should say Marinaman.

Now let’s do more exercises.

Exercise 2.

Fill in the missing words in the three dialogues.

I) A: Salom! Men Marinaman. Lolami____?
B: Yo’q, Lola _______man. ________ Sashaman.
A: Tanishganimdan xursand______.

Uzbek grammar

II) A: Kechirasiz. Men uchinchi xonadamanmi?
B: Sizning ismingiz nima?
A: Men Madina___.
B: Madina Yusufovami____?
A: Yo’q, men Madina Yunusova______.
B: Siz uchinchi xonada____.
A: Rahmat.

Uzbek grammar

III) A: Siz Ya’qub A’loqulovmisiz?
B: Ha, men Ya’qub A’loqulov_____.
A: Salom, ______ Lolaman. Men o’zbek tili kurslaridanman (Я с курсов узбекского языка).
B: Salom.
A: Tanishganimdan xursand______.

Uzbek grammar

After you have filled in everything you need, act out the dialogues. Learn them as closely as possible to the text.

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Answers to lesson #2.

Exercise 1. 1 Salom! Lolaman. 2 Assalomu alaykum! Men sizning o’qituvchingizman. Siz mening sinfimdasiz. (Hello! I’m your teacher. You’re in my class.)

Look carefully at the structures:

o’qituvchi + ngiz + man = I (man) your (ngiz) teacher (o’qituvchi)
sinf + im + da + siz = You (siz) in (da) my (im) class (sinf)

3 Men to’rtinchi sinfdaman. 4 Siz uchinchi xonadasiz.

Exercise 2. 1 Siz beshinchi sinfda emassiz. To’rtinchi sinfdasiz. 2 Sen oltinchi xonada emassan. Yettinchi xonadasan. 3 Lola emasman. Marinaman.

Exercise 3. 1 To’rtinchi xonadamanmi? 2 Lizmisiz? 3 Uchinchi sinfdamanmi?

Exercise 4. 1 A Men sakkizinchi xonadamanmi? B Yo’q, siz sakkizinchi xonada emassiz. Siz oltinchi xonadasiz. 2 A To’rtinchi sinfdamisiz? B Yo’q, to’rtinchi sinfda emasman. Beshinchi sinfdaman. 3 A Siz Johnmisiz? B Ha, men Johnman. Tanishganimdan xursandman. 4 A Men sizning sinfingizdamanmi? B Ha, siz mening sinfimdasiz. Men sizning o’qituvchingizman.

Here is an interesting structure where as many as 4 affixes are added to the word sinf:

sinf + ingiz + da + man + mi = I (man) in (da) your (ingiz) class (sinf) ? (mi)

The words men, sizning can be omitted.

Have you mastered simple grammar rules in Uzbek? Have you learned how to construct easy sentences and questions? Write in the comments.

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