Метка: Uzbek grammar

Uzbek lessons (tutorial): #10 Grammar — U, “Where is he/she/it”, «Where is he/she/it from» — ending

Shilpildoq va uzma

Today we’ll master the pronoun u, affixes -da and -dan and the names of countries in the Uzbek language. Let’s build a lot of affirmative and negative sentences and questions. Let’s act out short dialogues. As usual, part of the lesson from my Uzbek language tutorial is available to everyone, and part is available to site donors. […]

Uzbek lessons (tutorial): #9 Pronoun «u», “Where is he/she/it”, «Where is he/she/it from», with audio

U qayerdan? U qayerda?

Today we’ll learn the Uzbek pronoun «u». Also we’ll learn the formation of sentences — affirmative, negative and questions with the 3rd person singular, in cases where the predicate is expressed by a noun or adjective. Let’s bring this skill to automaticity. And at the same time we’ll repeat the grammatical structures we have mastered […]

Uzbek lessons (tutorial): #2 Pronouns «men», «sen», «siz», sentences with and without them, with audio

Getting acquainted

We’ll learn the Uzbek personal pronouns «men», «sen», «siz» (I, you) and how to construct sentences and questions with them or without them. The lesson, like others, uses audio from native Uzbek speakers. The lesson, like the previous one, is based on my Uzbek language tutorial. Let’s start with the fact that grammatical problems in […]