Uzbek lessons (tutorial): #6 Letters Ss, Oo, O’o’, automaticity in introduction, with audio

Буквы Ss, Oo, O'o' и слова с ними в узбекском языке/ Letters Ss, Oo, O'o' and words with them in Uzbek
Буквы Ss, Oo, O'o' и слова с ними в узбекском языке/ Letters Ss, Oo, O'o' and words with them in Uzbek

This time we will take a closer look at the letters Ss, Oo and O’o’ and words with them, and also bring dialogues when meeting in Uzbek to automaticity.

The lesson, like others, contains audio from Uzbek natives. As usual, part of the lesson from my Uzbek language tutorial is available to everyone, and part is available to site donors. Also, only donors (it’s not expensive — from $3 per month) have access to the answers to the exercises from the previous lesson. So become those who support the site — the benefits are mutual.

Uzbek letters Ss, Oo and O’o’

Exercise 1.

Listen and repeat.

Oo and O’o’ are different vowel letters, they denote different sounds and words with them, in the presence of all other identical letters, have different meanings. Oo is often (not always!) pronounced like the vowel in the English words hot, call. O’o’ gives a sound similar, to some extent, to that in row, fur. To print the letter O’o’, one of several types of apostrophes is placed next to Oo, and in handwriting, we use a tilde.

As regards the consonant letter Ss, it can be mentioned that when pronouncing it separately or in the alphabet, you can say “es” or “se”.

soat — clock, watch

ona — mother

go’sht — meat

Exercise 2.

Listen and repeat.

Salom, Sardor!

Assalomu alaykum, Odilman.

To’rtta choy, iltimos.

Exercise 3.

Listen and write the words in the correct column.

Вам надо стать донором. You need to become a donor.

Listen again and check. Finally listen and repeat the words.

Dialogues when meeting people in Uzbek

Exercise 4.

Practice dialogues using the following scheme.

Exercise 5.

You need to find two famous people. You are also famous. Use the following phrases:

Kechirasiz, … misiz?

Salom./ Assalomu alaykum. …man.

Ha, men ….man./ Yo’q, men … emasman. Uzr.

Tanishganimdan xursandman.

Siz Nasiba Abdullayevasiz

Sherali Joʻrayevni va Rayhonni toping.

Siz Sherali Joʻrayevsiz

Shahriyorni va Nasiba Abdullayevani toping.

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Answers to lesson #5Вам надо стать донором. You need to become a donor.

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