In Tashkent, the surface metro will slow down or even stop due to the heat (with my calculations, how long this will last)

The Tashkent metro
The Tashkent metro

The Tashkent metro earlier this month announced a significant reduction in the speed of trains, if not completely stopping them due to the heat. This, as I understand it (the message does not directly mention this), is about the ground part of the metro, which makes up a significant part of it. Recall that the heat in Tashkent lasts at least three months a year, often much longer.

The Tashkent metro explains that, in accordance with the rules for its use, when the temperature on the rails exceeds +55 ° C, the speed of trains decreases, and when the temperature on the rails reaches +60 ° C, the speed of trains is limited to 40 km / h, and at a temperature on rails +65 °С, train speed should not exceed 25 km/h. When the temperature on the rails is +70 °C or higher, the movement of trains is limited.

In other words, the skytrain must slow down when the air temperature reaches +29°C, is limited to 40 km/h at 34°C, is limited to 25 km/h at 39°C, and stops at an air temperature of 44°C.

How did I get this data? As a result of a short search on the Internet. Read more at the link: (in Russian)

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