A detainee died in the Tashkent region. Most likely from torture

Buka district
Buka district

A detainee died after interrogation, which, by all indications, was accompanied by torture, in the Buka district of the Tashkent region on Saturday or a day later (this is not clear from the report of the Uzbek Ministry of Internal Affairs). The interrogation took place in the building of the district police department.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, a 35-year-old (born in 1987) resident of the Yuqorichirchiq district designated in the report as U.S. was brought to the investigation in the Buka district as a suspect in a number of thefts. He was first interrogated with the participation of a lawyer and the process was recorded on video.

At 19:00 U.S. was detained as a suspect and placed in a room for temporary detention of citizens in the police department of Buka district. However, at 11:30 pm on the same day, due to his deteriorating state of health, an ambulance was called for him and he died.

It turned out that around 22:00, in violation of the procedural order, U.S. was taken not to a special interrogation room, but to an office and was interrogated on the fact of involvement in another crime.

The primary forensic medical examination established the presence of bodily injuries on the body of U.S. Read more at the link: https://yep.uz/2023/06/v-tashkentskoi-oblasti-ot-pytok-umer-zaderzhannyi/ (in Russian).

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